I am Oana and over the past 15 years I have worked in human resources as an employee, coordinator, corporate employee and entrepreneur. All these years of gathering experience eventually pointed me to my current mission, which is to use coaching as a mean to helping team leaders and teams of professionals who work in organizations. 

If you are a team leader, coordinator or manager encountering challenges in how you manage your team, you have come to the right place.

My approach is to offer coaching to you individually and to your entire team afterwards or in parallel, using practical exercises that apply to the specific issues you have to deal with in your activity.

What exactly is it that makes me a qualified individual coach as well as a group or team coach?

I am an ICF Associate Certified Coach with multiple national and international qualifications in Career Coaching, Mentor Coaching and Team Coaching.

As regards Team Coaching, I am one of 10 Romanian coaches who received their internationally recognized certificate on the first GTCI (Global Team Coaching Institute) international certification session.

One of the key elements of the type of coaching I practice is to allow my clients to express anything that comes up and might help their conscious minds to analyze their current situation and see what they need to do for self-improvement.

My mission is to help you through individual and team coaching in order to identify and make long lasting positive changes at both personal and organizational level. Change is the process that helps you improve yourself, become involved and more confident in making use of your skills in your professional evolution. 

Let’s set up a meeting and lay the foundations of a collaboration built on professionalism, involvement and achievements.

Individual Coaching

I will partner with you on your journey to achieving your personal and/or professional goals and will help you understand and face the challenges of coordinating your team.

Team Coaching

The teams and groups I work with are determined to unveil their potential and put it to good use in their everyday lives. The strategy I use brings together Individual Coaching and Team Coaching in a practical manner that can be applied in your organization.

Mentoring for coaching skills

Mentoring means that I will support the development of your coaching skills using a varied set of tools.

Andreea S

What I like most about Oana is the way she opens new perspectives by very skillfully addressing the right questions. The reason she’s so spots on, I think, is the extensive experience in both psychology and coaching. It plays a key role in understanding and being able to guide towards finding the best way to climb your mountains. Last but surely not least, results speak for themselves. It was the impressive improvements that I’ve seen in a friend that drew me to Oana in the first place, and, even if I didn’t think I needed coaching then, it was one of the best calls I’ve made.

Gina R

I met Oana within the program “Coach for champions”, which I joined in 2017.

From the start I noticed her thanks to the way she got involved in the program and the way she interacted with the other trainees. She was involved, open and had extensive knowledge about personal and organizational development. Following the program, I participated in workshops held by Oana and we also had a few individual coaching sessions. The power and strength of her questions made me face reality, which had eluded me before. The simple yet insightful exercises took me out of my state of comfort and made me realize certain things and look for solutions. “Know thyself” is a dictum that, when we manage to decipher, becomes valuable for us and those around us.

Oana O

My meetings with Oana were productive, meaning they helped me readjust my point of view on certain matters that I was facing. They helped me approach these matters from new angles that were unusual for me, or even unknown. She gave me the impetus to step out of my comfort zone, evolve and be more optimistic. I recommend her warmly and wholeheartedly.

Elena CM

Oana, thank you for your contribution to my transformation. When I came to see you 6 months ago I had the feeling I couldn’t get out of the loop I was in. Today, however, I look towards the future with joy and enthusiasm. I managed to give up my unbending way of seeing what could go wrong and now I trust that things will fall into place for me and that I will be able to come up with solutions to future challenges.

I trusted the challenges and the tasks I received, they helped me find a way out of that troublesome situation. I felt understood and guided towards finding my own solutions. It is not by accident that my life, as well as the way I see it and my future have changed over the past 6 months.

Thank you, Oana. 

Paul K

I see the outline of my comfort zone as a learning zone. It’s the most suitable description for our meetings; the brain processes information intensely, and yet I feel relaxed and at the same time challenged to put my neurons to the test. What is outstanding is when you teach me something, I apply it and see that it works, Yaaaaaaay! That one I learnt from Oana J